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  • Greetings.

    35 years ago, the GCHS graduating class of 1981 had for their commencement speaker the Governor of the State of Tennessee, Lamar Alexander. I’m wondering if anyone at the paper has access to the archives from April of 1981 that points to the date this occurred. The date range is anywhere from late March to early May, but I’m remembering it as around late April.

    I tried contacting Lamar, but his spokesperson was not able to provide anything on this matter.

    Thanks in advance for checking,


    • We have archived bound editions of the Pulaski Citizen and Giles Free Press, but our collection is incomplete. We can’t guarantee the edition you are looking for is here. The Giles County Public Library has complete collections on microfilm of all newspapers printed in Giles County all the way back to the 1800s.

  • Thursday, June 4th, 1981. I took a picture of the Governor for The Free Press.

  • Linda Kirby Coles

    I’m in search of a resident of Pulaski named David Hutton that owns some property in Lynchburg, TN. The property use to be a Dollar General store, but is vacant now. I have some questions regarding this property. If anyone can help me find out how I can reach him, please let me know with a Private Message on FB or an email. Thank you for your help.

  • Darrell Armstrong

    Why is there no reporting on any games at Exchange Park ? There has been none for the last few years. Let’s support our youth and families. They are the future, here.

    • Darrell,

      We have tried for the past several years to get the information on the games, but we haven’t been getting it. We provide pads full of scoring sheets to the baseball and softball leagues. We are open to anything that will work. We agree with you 100%.


      Scott Stewart

      • Darrell Armstrong

        Scott, I will look into this. I wanted to start a scrapbook of my grandson’s ball playing, but that ain’t happening right now. We used to have team pictures in the paper, but I can’t remember when I saw one last. I thought our new sports guy was going to be good, but undoubtedly he don’t know the way to Exchange Park. I bet he will cover Fred Aymett’s team of non Giles County players for Pulaski Post 60, or does Fred write all that up for you guys?

        • We cover school sports first then move into league sports after schools are done. I know Mark has in the past, and already has plans to cover all local youth league sports, including Exchange. I had wanted to start getting the team photos back in the paper this year, but haven’t gotten that done yet. I haven’t given up on it for this year. We cover Post 60 along with the other league teams, I believe Fred helps give us information, but we do cover some of their games as well. Thanks for bringing this up. Please stay patient with us. You can look for pictures and stories of the games we cover at Exchange and the other parks coming soon. I’d like to bring back the recaps of all the games each week too, but we definitely need some help with that.

  • Darrell Armstrong

    Just a little disappointed about the entire thing …. paper and radio station. I will shut up and leave you alone.

    • No. I appreciate feedback. It’s not always easy to hear that someone is disappointed in what we are doing, but it helps make us better. Please let me know what you are thinking either on these comments or through Facebook or email.

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