Martin Soccer Signs RHS Seniors

The Martin Methodist men’s soccer program added two local prospects last week with the signing of Richland seniors Matthew Ungruhe and Ryan Carpenter.


“That’s the first thing we’re always looking for is local kids, and I feel like Matthew and Ryan here have done really well for their school, and when it comes to these two guys, not only do they do it well for the soccer program, but they do it well in the classroom,” said MMC assistant coach Bret Boylan. “That’s exactly what we’re looking for at Martin Methodist.”


Second-year RHS head coach Nick Wise added that he is not only excited for the individual players but also for the program as a whole and the younger players who see the example of their upperclassmen.


“They’re getting to do what they love at the next level,” Wise said. “For our program, all these freshmen and sophomores, they see this and want to get there, and it just shows them they can. It’s an exciting time for Ryan and Matthew, and I’m excited for our program. It’s the next step.”


Carpenter said the coaching staff at Martin, including head coach Chris Leonardi and Boylan, was part of what drew him to the program.


“I’m ecstatic really because I’ve loved playing soccer my whole life, and I’m just excited I get to continue playing soccer for the next four years at Martin Methodist,” Carpenter said. “They have a great coaching staff with Leonardi and Boylan. They have a great team.


They’ve won a lot of games. They’ve built the legacy of Martin soccer there, and also the learning there and how they care about the students really drew me to Martin.”


Ungruhe, a former RHS football player as well, echoed a similar sentiment and said signing with Martin Methodist fits into his eventual goal of joining the military.


“Honestly, I think just being able to improve my skills as a goal keeper and make new friends in soccer with new teammates and meet new people,” Ungruhe said when asked what he was most excited for upon joining the Martin program.

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