CLC Court Resurfaced, Dedicated to Joe Hardin

After decades of service and commitment to the Martin Methodist Athletic Department, legendary coach and administrator Mr. Joe Hardin was officially recognized for his contributions with the naming of the playing surface in the Curry Christian Life Center as “Joe Hardin Court” during a ceremony Wednesday morning.


Hardin served as the athletic director at Martin Methodist from 1986 through 1996 and was directly responsible for helping the transition from Martin Methodist from a junior college athletic program to a four-year athletic department.


In addition, Hardin served as the Men’s Basketball and Men’s Golf head coach during these years.


He was inducted into the Martin Methodist Sports Hall of Fame in 2008.


“Joe Hardin has been a great mentor to a lot of ‘youngin’s’ as he might would say,” RedHawks Executive Director of Athletics Jeff Bain said. “And none are more proud of his shared advice than me in my early years here at Martin Methodist. Joe’s standards of excellence and pride in his work will always be a foundation within my work because of his influence.”


The court was dedicated to Mr. Hardin during homecoming ceremonies this past February, but Mr. Hardin was unable to attend. His first official visit to the playing surface that now bears his name was just prior to Wednesday’s ceremony.


The ceremony also marked the first major overhaul to the playing surface inside the Curry Christian Life Center since the building’s opening in 1984.


Martin Methodist also recently applied a complete overhaul to its media table, team seating chairs and other various enhancements in an effort to bring the CLC state-of-the-art upgrades.


“As I have said many, many times; the by-products of the many successes shared here today are a direct result of the instant credibility that we enjoyed in the early days of our transition from a two-year to a four-year institution,” Bain said. “If not for Joe’s leadership, that transition would have taken years of work. Joe led our transition team that was accepted and admitted into the then TranSouth Athletic Conference on our first ballot vote within six months of our application. That alone was a tremendous feat and is a direct reflection of the respect that Joe had and has with his peers.”


“All of these banners that you see hanging in our gym today – some 30 conference championships, are the by-product of work of Joe Hardin’s foundation laid. We sincerely salute Joe and thank him for his unwavering commitment to Martin Methodist College.”


—MMC Athletics

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