Remembering Prospect High School Part III

Betty Hobbs

For this final installment on Prospect High School, I spoke with Bettye Hobbs — whose son, Hal Griffin, graduated from Prospect High School — as well as Prospect graduate Butch Gibson.


Hobbs recalled a goal her son set for himself during his very first year of school.


“When Hal was 6 years old, he started to school at Minor Hill in the first grade because there was no kindergarten back then,” Hobbs recalled. “A few weeks later, he came home one day and said to me, ‘I’m going to go to school all my 12 years without missing a day.’ I told him that would be great!


Hal Griffin is presented an award for 12 years of perfect attendance by Prospect School Principal Layton Holley and Senior Sponsor Marie Watkins. PHOTO BY GUY MITCHELL


“On Jan. 9, 1969, Minor Hill School burned, so he finished out the rest of the fifth grade in Pulaski, and all of the sixth. The Minor Hill School was built back, so he started back to Minor Hill and went through the eighth and ninth there. 


“When he got in 10th grade, he either had to go to Pulaski or Prospect. When school started that year, he went the first day to Pulaski. When he came home that afternoon, he told me he had decided to go to Prospect because that’s where some of his friends were going. 


“He went to Prospect and finished in 1976 without missing a day. That was his goal and he made it. I’m so proud of my son!”


The 1971 Prospect Eagles basketball team includes (from left) Paul Brown, Mike Shelton, Willie Brown, Owen Powell, D. Randolph, C. Kimbrough, Danny Davis, Charles Wilburn, Kenneth Smith, Stan Smith, Stevie Stafford, Mike Curtis and coach Holt.

The 1971 Prospect Eaglettes basketball team includes (kneeling, from left) S. Johnson, P. James, coach Holt, D. Conner, M. Tate, (standing) P. Hickman, K. Gatlin, D. Stafford, P. Jackson, M. Trotter, M. Appleton, P. Musgrove, C. Harris, S. Watkins, K. Conner and D. Huckaby.


The Prospect Eagles, like all other Giles County high schools of the past, were filled with loving people, both teachers and students.


Clarence Edward (Butch) Gibson

“It was like family,” in the words of Butch Gibson, a 1962 graduate of Prospect.


“Even though I only went to Prospect my junior and senior years, I had found home,” Gibson said. “I went to Pulaski, Bodenham, Minor Hill and Prospect. It was a rewarding experience at all the schools; however, Prospect was the best.”


With this final installment on Prospect High School, we conclude our look back at the high schools that closed after consolidation in 1978 — Beech Hill, Bodenham, Campbellsville, Elkton, Jones High in Lynnville, Minor Hill and Prospect. I really enjoyed sharing memories of these schools with our Giles Paths readers — some good and yes, some not so good. 


The final basketball games early in 1978 for the Beech Hill Blue Jays, Bodenham Hornets, Campbellsville Bears, Elkton Elks, Jones High Tigers, Minor Hill Wildcats and the Prospect Eagles were some of those sad moments. Four months later would be graduation, the final graduation for each of these high schools. Thus the end had come and the reality of gone but certainly never forgotten.


Thanks to all for the memories.