Giles Paths: Remembering Minor Hill School Part V

This will be the fifth and final installment of the Giles Paths features on Minor Hill High School.


My special thanks to Johnny Jackson, Toby Powell and Virginia Cole for their help with these articles.


A brief summary of the articles that bring us to the 2019-20 school year… Like Elkton, Minor Hill School was destroyed by fire; however, both communities were able to keep their schools for grades K-8.




A 1979 History of Minor Hill and Surrounding Areas was written by the eighth grade class under the guidance of teacher Mrs. Jane Parker. The students felt that this history was long overdue and they devoted much time and effort into compiling it in order to leave a part of their past for future generations.


“On Jan. 9, 1969, the Minor Hill School was destroyed by a fire. Superintendent J. Marlin Goodman made the statement when he learned of the fire that ‘it wasn’t just Minor Hill, but it was the whole county on fire.’ Mr. Goodman’s figurative prophecy was correct.”


The Class of 1969 would be the last seniors to graduate from Minor Hill High School.


The 1969 Minor Hill Wildcats basketball team includes (kneeling, from left) Manager Randy Norwood, Ricky White, W. H. Brown, David Jackson, (standing) Manager Roger Hendrix, Jackie Davis, Gregory Stafford, Stevie Stafford, Melvin Fox, Paul Durham, Eldon Garrett, Owen Powell, Ronnie Thorne, Roger Childers, coach Danny Ray Cobb.


“The school board’s request to rebuild Minor Hill was met with a resounding slap from Commissioner of Education J. Howard Warf. Before any move could be made, he said the county would have to commit itself to upgrading the entire system. This brought about much opposition, and on Oct. 24, 1969, schools were closed for two weeks by Commissioner Warf.


“Finally, after much discussion of the issue in community meetings, and special court sessions, a consolidation plan was approved, state funds were released and schools were reopened.


“On May 11, 1976, it all ended when the county sold $8 million in bonds to finance a two-high school, and four elementary, consolidation plan.


“In September 1978, Minor Hill opened its doors with 430 students, 24 teachers and Principal Mr. Willard Davis. Students from Prospect, Bodenham and Pulaski were transferred to Minor Hill, which is an elementary school comprising Kindergarten through eighth grade.”


The 1969 Minor Hill Wildkittens basketball team includes (kneeling, from left) Co-Captain Peggy Thorne, coach Danny Ray Cobb, Co-Captain Donna Malone, (standing) Kathy Gatlin, Donna Jackson, Jenny James, Carol Mitchell, Linda Brownlow, Wanda Stevenson, Patricia Townsend, Marcella Eastep, Joan Hagood, Donna Davis, Debbie Taylor, Susan Hughes and Linda Johnson.


Next up — Prospect High School. This will be our final feature on the Giles County high schools that were closed and consolidated into Richland and Giles County High.


In present day, Minor Hill School welcomes students for grades K-8. Older students move on to Giles County High School for grades 9-twelve. JOHNNY PHELPS / PULASKI CITIZEN