Giles Paths: Remembering Jones High School Part III

Again, my thanks to Bobby Allen Hollis Jr., Nancy Jo Hollis and Judy Hewitt Roberts for their help for this Jones High feature. Also to the late Sarah Hewitt, who wrote much of the material that appeared in the 1978 annual.


Facts About Robert B. Jones High School in Lynnville, Cont’d.


Principals from 1900 to 1978 were: Jackson Reeves, 1900-08; C. H. Walker, 1908-09; A. C. Buckhalter, 1909-14; F. E. McReynolds, 1914-15; Pride Tomlinson, 1915-16; Charles E. Bell, 1916-17; W. R. Weinds, 1917-20; R. E. Bruner, 1920-30; M. L. Bridges, 1930-32; R. E. Bruner, 1932-34; H. J. Delzell, 1934-37; John W. Frierson, 1937-41; Ervin H. Thomas, 1941-46; Joe McAlister, 1946-47; Barry Sutton, 1947-55; Bertland Hannah, 1955-65; Carter H. Witt, III, 1965-70; Joe Hickerson — High School Principal, 1970-71; Rayburn Hickman — Elementary School Principal, 1970-71; Rayburn Hickman, 1971-78.


The last faculty and staff of JHS were as follows: Principal­­­­­­­­­ Rayburn Hickman; Secretary Jamie Coker; Kindergarten Mary Little; First Grade Gail Gahrig; Second Grade Tenoa Malone; Third Grade Nancy Jo Hollis; Fourth Grade Annie Pearl Martin; Fifth Grade and Reading Brenda Wolaver; Sixth Grade John Weatherford; Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, P.E. and Health — Morris Mitchell; Drama and English Martha Dodd; Vocal Music I and II, Physics, Algebra I and II and Geometry — Karen Heaver Hoolan; Football, Basketball Coach and Social Studies — Jerry Bost; U.S. History, Civics, Government and Economics — Doyle Trigg; Ceramics I and II, Typing I and II, Accounting, Shorthand, Business Math and Business Law — Wanda Martin; Librarian and Vocal Music I and II Bobby Allen Hollis Jr.; Guidance Jerry Gilbert; Perceptional Training Barbara Russell; Music and Junior High Chorus Sue Ann Cousar; Speech Pat Cone Thompson; Resource Carolyn Sherrill; Art Vivian Sims; Bus Drivers — Ollie Armstrong, Ross Briggs, Eddie Lopey, Nathan Sands, Bill Underwood, Susie Walker; Cafeteria Workers — Manager Joyce Bryant, Maugeritta Carwell, Connie Gibson and Pauline Hindman; and Custodian Willie Ida Garrett.


The first Parent Teacher Association at the Robert B. Jones High School was started by Dudley M. Clements in 1914. Mr. Clements was the first President of the PTA. The Jones PTA was one of the oldest groups in the state and nation, and was the first PTA in Giles County.


Throughout the years, the Jones High School PTA supported the school in every way. The PTA did so many fund-raisers to raise money for items the school needed to make JHS an outstanding school academically and athletically. Some of the projects the PTA did for the school over the years include: purchased a piano; purchased new stage curtains and state of the art lighting for the stage in the auditorium; established a medical clinic for the school; bought athletic uniforms for football, baseball and basketball; helped the school band get started; purchased instruments for the rhythm band; purchased library books; bought typewriters for the typing classes; bought sewing machines for the Home Economics Department; bought tools for the agriculture shop classes; built bleachers on the football field; purchased and installed a new PA System for each classroom, the auditorium, and gymnasium; paid for extra milk and lunches for children; purchased clothing and shoes for students in need; and helped buy a scoreboard for the Football Field in the school colors of purple and gold with some white.


One of the largest projects ever undertook by the Jones High School PTA was the annual Lynnville Walking Horse Show that was started in 1964. The first Horse Show Chairman was Frances Hewitt and the Co-Chairman was Bobby Hollis Sr. Others on the committee were: Mrs. Annie Sandy, Dot Smiley, Tally Underwood and Wilkes Gibson. Mrs. Annie Sands was the President of the Jones High PTA. The first decorating committee for the Horse Show was: Mrs. Louise Hackman Roberts, Mrs. Annie Lou Moore and Mrs. Sarah H. Dugger.


The first trophy given in the first horse show in the local class went to Bill Dugger Hollis riding his horse named “Nelle.”


The Lynnville Horse Show was known throughout the south and southeast. After the school was closed in 1978, the Lynnville Community Club took over the show and continued to produce excellent shows for many years. The Lynnville Horse Show was known for excellent food and some came just to eat. Most of the time the profits of the show were about $4,000 each year.


Athletically, the Jones High Tigers competed in football, basketball, baseball, track, boxing and tennis. Jones High School had the first football team in Giles County. The Jones High Tigers competed with area schools and had several winning seasons. The 1917 Robert B. Jones High School Tigers went undefeated, playing teams such as Columbia, Pulaski, Lewisburg, Bunker Hill and Vanderbilt University. The Tigers went to Nashville by train and played the Vanderbilt Commodores B Team and won.


The Jones High School Purple and Gold Tigers played in the first Butter Bowl Game in Pulaski at Sam Davis Park in 1953. The Tigers were coached by alumnus Paul Burgess, graduate of 1950. The Tigers played the Huntland Hornets, who were coached by Shirley Majors, and Johnny Majors, coach at the University of Tennessee, played on the team. This was a glorious day for the Jones High School Tigers football team, the school band, cheerleaders, faculty and the Lynnville Community. The Tigers were defeated, but in a way they won because of just being involved in such a piece of history of such a famous high school.


The 1967 football coach was Joe Hickerson; he was named “Coach of the Year in 1967” by the DRVC (Duck River Valley Conference). The DRVC was organized in the Senior Room of JHS in the 1940s.


It was always a tradition at Jones High School to have a homecoming parade on the afternoon before homecoming. The entire school, grades first-12th would march downtown from the school and form a circle on the Lynnville Square and the cheerleaders would call the cheers and the band would play the “Washington and Lee Swing.”


The four high school grades would make floats against the team the Tigers would be playing. Most of the time the elementary classes would make a float for the Queen and her Court to ride on. Classes worked very hard the week of homecoming on the float so their class would be judged first.


The first Junior High Bowl Game played in Tennessee was played on the Jones High School football field in the fall of 1967. The junior high teams with the best records would play each other and the Jones Junior High team had a record of six wins and no losses. They played Huntland Junior High, who also had a perfect season. The game was played in October in front of a large crowd with standing room only. The Jones Junior High Tigers won the game 7-0. The coach was Joe Hickerson and several high school football players helped with coaching.

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