Radio Auction Raises More Than $46K

Members of Giles County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 94 work the final week of the WKSR Radio Auction, which raised more than $46,000 for the F.O.P. Keeping auction items moving from the auction table to the pick up table are Giles County F.O.P. members Michael Woodard, Shane Hunter, Mike Sands, Tommy Chapman, David Crane, Scott Nations, Titus Gilbert and Reagan Jennings.   Scott Stewart / Pulaski Citizen


by Trea Dunnavant
Staff Writer


With approximately 863 items sold and several cash donations, the 2018 WKSR Radio Auction benefiting Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 94 raised $46,486.


“Whether you donated stuff, volunteered your efforts or bid on stuff — I want to thank everyone who had anything to do with this year’s radio auction,” F.O.P. President Scott Nations said. “It took everything everyone did to make it as successful as it was.”


In week two of the auction, $23,943 was raised with 520 items sold. Week one saw 343 items sold for a total of $22,543. But the total amount collected was expected to rise as the F.O.P. sold the 15 remaining items from the auction over the past three days.


“During the last hour we went through about 140-145 items pretty quickly,” Nations said. “I’m tickled. I can’t believe how well we did. And the only way we can afford to do this is by the citizens of Giles County, the businesses who give year-to-year, and they have showed out with this auction.”


Not only will the proceeds from the auction benefit the F.O.P., but 10 percent of the earnings will go to the annual George Martin Scholarship.


In honor of fallen Lawrenceburg Firefighter Jason Dickey, the proceeds from an EMS edition rifle that was sold, $1,250, will be given to Dickey’s wife and family, Nations said.


Proceeds benefiting the F.O.P. will help to expand their efforts of community involvement particularly through programs like Cops and Kids.


“The money won’t all be spent at one time, but instead will be spread out over time for different events,” Nations said. “We will continue to do the various youth programs we do now. We also want to get law enforcement officials in more school and after school events and programs. We’ve talked about helping law enforcement families when there is a need, but after that our primary goal is to give back to the youth. If we can just do one thing that makes a child stop and think. We hope to influence the kids to make better choices for tomorrow.”

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