Officials Defend Unborn at Rally

by Scott Stewart


U.S. Congressman Mark Green speaks to the crowd gathered at First National Bank’s Giles Heritage Theatre for Saturday’s Pro-Life Rally. Other speakers were (seated, from left) State Sen. Joey Hensley, 22nd Judicial District Attorney General Brent Cooper and State Rep. Clay Doggett. SCOTT STEWART / PULASKI CITIZEN

Federal, state and local elected officials defended the rights of unborn children at a Pro-Life Rally in Pulaski Saturday.


U.S. Congressman Mark Green, State Rep. Clay Doggett, State Sen. Joey Hensley and 22nd Judicial District Attorney General Brent Cooper spoke to an audience at First National Bank’s Giles Heritage Theatre to discuss abortion and the need to protect the unborn.


The rally was sponsored by the Giles County Republican Party as a way to present a strong stance against abortion and infanticide, according to event organizer Chris Morris.


Green, who represents Tennessee’s Seventh District in the U.S. Congress, was the event’s keynote speaker.


“You can’t have freedom without virtue or a fixed morality — right and wrong. If we can decide what is right or wrong that makes morality relative to you and me. We can just pick it. We can say you know what it’s okay if we deliver the baby and decide if it can live.”


Green turned to science, noting that currently in the state of Tennessee prosecutors are allowed to charge the DNA of a rape suspect even if they don’t know who the person is, basically charging the DNA as the individual.


Green went on to explain how the mother and the baby in her womb have separate blood supplies, calling the baby “a distinct individual.”


“They didn’t know back in ’73, but we know now,” he said.


Green also pointed to the ability now to have an egg fertilized, frozen and later put into the womb as enough proof for him that life begins when DNA comes together at conception.


“You can’t deny it,” he said. “You can’t deny the heartbeat. You can’t deny the blood supply difference. You can’t deny the DNA. It is real. It is a distinct human being and it deserves the rights that our constitution grants for you and I.”


Green called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and proposed the use of that funding to “provide women’s health in an amazing way and not kill children in the womb.”


“It is time that we fight for the unborn,” he concluded.


Clay Doggett

Doggett, who represents Giles County as part of the state’s 65th House District, traced the history of abortion from the creation of the United States through today.


“We still haven’t done enough yet,” Doggett said. “Life begins at conception. That is something you can believe outside of religion. Scientifically we are people from the very beginning. It is our obligation to ensure equal protection under the law.”


Doggett went on to call for better education before conception and more support when a woman finds herself facing a “seemingly impossible situation.”


Doggett finished by asking if 2019 would see the end of abortion in the United States, admitting that it is not likely.


“Hopefully we will live to see it,” he concluded.


Brent Cooper

Looking at abortion from the perspective of the law, Cooper concluded, “With abortion we suspend all reason under the law. It makes absolutely no sense to me.”


He explained that people under the age of 18 can’t buy a car or buy cigarettes and they have a separate judicial system.


“But a 17-year-old girl without parental consent can end the life of an unborn child,” he said. “What is the bigger decision? Buying a car? Stealing gum? Will this decision follow her for the rest of her life? Will it have an impact on society?”


Joey Hensley

Hensley, who represents Giles County as part of District 28 in the Tennessee Senate, said that elected officials and politicians can argue about a lot of things.


“When it comes to life, abortion and the protection of the unborn there is no compromise,” Hensley said.


Hensley recalled the effort to change Tennessee’s constitution when the state Supreme Court ruled that it did not protect unborn life.


Hensley said he has sponsored a bill to take state funding away from Planned Parenthood. He also noted a bill the state passed to make abortion clinics uphold the requirements of other medical clinics.


Finally, Hensley said this year a law was passed that would allow the state to ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.



  • Pro choice means pro abortion, pro life, the ability of a woman to make decisions based on their beliefs. What I find odd is that only MEN had anything to say about abortion. If a woman is capable of carrying a child, giving birth to a child and caring for that child while it grows up, she can also be trusted to make the decision as to whether or not she should have said child.
    Why were there no women on the board, and why was there not an opposing side? Every situation has two sides and it’s a woman’s choice what happens to her body. This will set us back 60 years to backstreet abortions and more deaths caused by illegal doctors and illegal. I remember hearing of women using dirty coathangers to end a pregnancy, going to doctors who operated in back alleys and who were less than hygienic. Let’s not go backwards, let’s move forward and trust the woman to decide whether or not she should abort the pregnancy or put the child up for adoption.
    This kind of conversation makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Thank you for having the courage to speak up, Tammy. I concur 100%. So typical that a bunch of men want to control women’s bodies and force them through unwanted pregnancies. The same men would be horrified if it was suggested that the government could force them through any unwanted and risky medical procedure. Could the government force people to give blood against their will? To donate a kidney against their will? No? Then why does a “constitution loving” political party want government to take away a woman’s bodily autonomy?

  • I am a Christian woman and I was at the rally God did not give me a choice to murder my baby it is not about I think but about doing what the Bible says. You know what causes one to get pregnant so if you don’t want a baby don’t do it they are plenty of things to do to prevent you from getting pregnant I agree with all that was said there and back those people 100 % There will be a pay day for these murders

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