Local Sales Rep Expands Opportunities to Help Others

by Scott Stewart


Tiffany Hagood

Extending her role as a sales representative for two local businesses is giving Tiffany Hagood the chance to do more of the two things she loves the most — helping others and building relationships.


Those two passions have led Hagood to be part of the teams at Winterburn and Associates Insurance and Re/Max Southern Real Estate, both Pulaski businesses.


In 2015 the mother of three started working as a producer for Winterburn & Associates Insurance, where she works on the commercial side with business owners who keep the community moving.


“They are the great people who get up early, go home late, sacrifice, get dirty and support this community everyday to be in charge of their own destiny,” she said. “What is great about our town is that most of them do it because they love this place and these people!”


Hagood said her work with Winterburn and Associates Insurance also gives her the opportunity to work with local farmers.


“On the agricultural side, I get to work with those incredible individuals that God has called to be stewards of His land and His animals,” Hagood said. “They are absolutely the best folks to work with and work for! Protecting their investments in the land, animals, and equipment that it takes to make agriculture happen across our state and our nation is not only my pleasure, but my privilege.”


Another opportunity to help others and build relationships came in September 2018 when Hagood got the chance to return to real estate sales with Re/Max Southern Real Estate. Hagood calls real estate her “first love,” having been involved in real estate, building, renovation and restoring properties since 2002.


“Getting to help a couple buy their first home is always fun and exciting,” she said. “Helping a family disperse a farm that has been in their family for years is a difficult path to navigate and I’m grateful to be trusted with these kinds of life changes as well. Helping a farmer gain new ground or an investor make that profit he is banking on — there is no better way I can think of to spend my days than helping people through these great transitions.”


Hagood said her love for helping people is rooted in her role as a follower of Christ.


“I believe there is a distinct difference in being a Christian and chasing after Jesus Christ,” she said. “I long to have a deep, personal relationship with my savior.”


Married to husband James for 16 years, they are the parents to Jackson, 12, Hollis, 9, and Carter Mac, 5. Hagood graduated from Athens State University in 2002.


“When your God given gift is building relationships with people, this world shoves you (with both hands) into sales,” she said. “While I have found success in my different roles in ‘sales’ it all really comes back to loving people, helping people and serving people.”


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