Giles Paths: Major League Baseball Player Does Giles County Proud

Johnny Phelps takes a look at Atlanta Braves Pitcher R.A. Dickey’s career and Giles County roots in the latest installment of Giles Paths. Read an excerpt below and pick up a copy of this week’s edition of the PULASKI CITIZEN, available in markets across Giles County and in digital and traditional newspaper formats by subscription, for the full story.


R.A. Dickey, current Atlanta Braves pitcher, has done just about all a baseball player can do — and is still going strong.


The Campbellsville community and the Rose Hill area are home for many of R.A. Dickey’s family. His dad, the late Harry Dickey, was a graduate of Campbellsville High School. Harry played basketball and baseball for the Bears, and moved to Nashville after graduation. As R.A. began his baseball career, Harry was always there in support.


R.A. went through the ranks of Little League and Babe Ruth and later in High School at M.B.A. The next stop was the University of Tennessee where he was an outstanding player.


R.A. began his pro-baseball career with the Texas Rangers in 1996. He was in their minor league program from 1996 until 2001 when he made his first start with the Rangers.


In 2016, R.A. signed with the Atlanta Braves, where he is one of their starters.


The Dickey family in Giles County have followed their star pitcher with pride throughout his career.


Some of the Dickey family members from Giles County got to watch R.A. pitch at a recent Braves game. Aunt Gertrude Dickey, first cousin Harolene Johnston and husband Chuck, Harolene’s son Cody Derryberry, first cousin Nina Newton, her son Peyton Newton and wife Jenny were all in attendance at the game.


The Dickey family from Giles County visits with their own R.A. Dickey, pitcher for the Atlanta Braves at a recent game. Attending the game were (from left) Peyton Newton, Jenny Newton, Nina Newton, Gertrude Dickey, R.A. Dickey, Harolene Johnston, Chuck Johnston and Cody Derryberry. Submitted


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