GCSD Hosts Citizen’s Academy

Have you ever wanted to see how local law enforcement fully operates from the inside out? Have you ever wanted to see how your tax dollars are used to ensure the safety and protection of your county and neighbors?


The Giles County Sheriff’s Department is extending anyone in the community such an opportunity through it’s Citizen’s Academy.


“This program will introduce you to Giles County’s sheriff’s department and jail, including all of the units within the department,” GCSD Chief Deputy Tommy Chapman said.


The no cost classes will begin from 5:30-7:30 p.m., Monday, Aug. 14, and will meet for the seven consecutive Monday nights following at the Giles County Jail.


“We will have classes on our budgets and how we conduct daily operation with your tax dollars,” Chapman said. “There will be classes on administration, jail operations, criminal and drug investigations unit and patrol functions. The classes will include a facility tour, simulated car stops where students can participate as the officer and violator and the opportunity to see equipment and weapons officers are issued.”


According to Chapman, this is the third time GCSD has offered the Citizen’s Academy.


“If you have attended one of the other sessions and missed a class you can make that class up in this session if you want to,” Chapman said.


For rookies, an application is required to attend.


Citizens interested should contact Jamie Griffin at 363-3505.

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