Bonded Pair Seek Home Together

People in Giles County are compassionate and stories about some of the most vulnerable demonstrate that care. Giles County Humane Association has many such stories of people who have saved and cared for lost, abandoned or abused animals. 


Last year, a GCHA volunteer found BeeDee who had been abandoned on a dead-end county road, was starving and trying to feed and care for her litter of puppies. GCHA took her and her puppies for vet care and nursed them back to health. 


While all the puppies are now in forever homes, sweet BeeDee, a 3-year-old Lab mix, is still in foster care waiting for her forever home. 


In her foster home, she was introduced to Smokey, who has also been in foster care since October; they became fast friends. Although both dogs don’t seem to be fond of other dogs, these two have formed a strong friendship.


Smokey, a 6-year-old Clumber Spaniel/Lab/Mastiff mix, was surrendered by his owner to GCHA. He just grew too big for his family. His forever home should be where he can live outdoors to pursue his giant, frisky nature.  


In spite of their friendship, BeeDee and Smokey couldn’t be more different. While Smokey is rambunctious and needs a strong leader, BeeDee is calm, house-trained and loves people. Both of these dogs need a home where they can bond with their new families and give the devotion and love only a dog can give.  


Their fortune would be to find a home together and live their lives with each other and their new family. You can find out more about BeeDee and Smokey by calling Carla at 363-5455 or 615-604-4185.


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