Pulaski City Administrator Receives Favorable Evaluation

City Administrator Terry Harrison will receive a pay increase of approximately $10,000 per year after approval by the Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen May 9.


The board’s annual evaluation of Harrison came back with a composite 4.54 score out of a possible five, which Mayor Pat Ford said speaks volumes for the job Harrison has done for the city.


Although not strictly tied to salary, Ford said the evaluation is an indicator of what the board thinks of Harrison’s job performance.


More tied to the decision to raise Harrison’s pay are the additional duties he has taken on over the past year, during which the city closed its Public Works Department. Harrison has taken over the coordination of the city’s departments along with department heads, and he also now serves as the city’s building inspector.


Board discussion centered around the money that is being saved by having Harrison fill these roles as well as the role of Chief Financial Management Officer (CMFO), which is now a position required by the state.


The board voted unanimously to increase Harrison’s annual pay from approximately $105,000 to $115,000 per year.


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