Hospital OB Department Opens Milk Bank Depot

STRHS Pulaski celebrates the opening of the Milk Bank Depot in the Obstetrics Department with a ribbon cutting ceremony performed by the Giles County Chamber. The hospital is one of only three milk banks in the state. Among those present for the ribbon cutting were the STRHS Pulaski leadership team, STRHS Pulaski Governing Board, representatives from the Giles County Health Department and the Chamber, OB Director Patty Robertson, OB nurse Sarah Willis, Pediatrician Dr. B. Shane Robinson, Dr. Susan Campbell of Nashville and her daughter-in-law who made the first donation to the STRHS Pulaski Milk Bank Depot.   GC Chamber / Submitted


One of Only Three in Tennessee


STRHS Pulaski officials have announced a new program to help nourish vulnerable newborns and pre-term babies.


In coordination with the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Tennessee (MMBTN), the hospital has opened a milk bank, one of only three in the state. MMBTN is a not-for-profit organization providing safe donor human milk to benefit infants in need within Tennessee.


“We are so excited to have partnered with MMBTN and provide such a wonderful service,” said Patty Robertson, RN, director of Obstetrical Services at STRHS Pulaski.  “This is another opportunity for the obstetrics department to play their role in the mission of the hospital to make communities healthier, and what better way than to start than with babies in need.”


The Pulaski location, known as a Milk Bank Depot, will serve as a collection site for frozen human breast milk. The donated milk is sent off-site for pasteurization before its distribution to Tennessee hospitals to prescribe to pre-term and critically sick babies.


Eligibility requirements for moms wishing to donate their breast milk include: being in overall general good health; non-smokers who consume less than two alcoholic drinks per day; willing to undergo a blood test (at the Milk Bank’s expense); not regularly using medication or herbal supplements (with a few exceptions); willing to donate 100 ounces of milk initially and continue pumping to donate as you are able; nursing an infant who is younger than one year of age (bereaved and surrogate mothers can also donate); be able to arrange for transportation of your milk to the depot; and more.


The application process includes an initial phone screening prior to the blood test screening to rule out HIV, RPR, HTLV, and hepatitis B and C. The approval process takes between one and four weeks.


To learn more about MMBTN and the Milk Bank Depot at STRHS Pulaski, call Patty Robertson at 363-9353.


—STRHS Pulaski

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